Launching TCF Writing

Welcome to the official TCF Writing blog! My name is Leigh Price, and I am here to introduce exactly what I do and what this blog is for.

TCF is a brand new copywriting service that strives for a new breed of copy. I’ve seen enough tired, robotic PR-speak to last a lifetime, and I believe that a warmer, more open approach to marketing and sales can go a long way. My work is conversational and human, whether it’s dealing with B2C or B2B.

My values are simplicity, openness and fun, and these values bleed into absolutely everything I do. I don’t like jargon or complex sentence structures. I like plain English that’s easily accessible to all. I love to promote the good businesses are doing and create a more open relationship between business and customer. And most of all, I do what I do because it’s fun, and this comes through in everything I write.

And these values are what I can bring to your business. I want to work with businesses that aren’t afraid to show their human side. I want to help you interact with customers in a way that gets your customers truly engaged. And yes, I can do this for even the most mundane things, so I can bring this out of you even your business is as mundane as a box factory.

But what is the purpose of this blog? Simple. It’s a way for me to show my own human side, to express my views and opinions of the writing, marketing and business worlds, to express my joy of great marketing campaigns, and offering up constructive criticism for campaigns that didn’t turn out too well.

It’s my hope that this blog will spark conversations with businesses I want to work with and also show off exactly what I can do for you. So why not get in touch and we can have a chat?